About Us

We are a business with two main streams; a provider of consultancy services on Programming, Scheduling and Project Control matters and a supplier of simple cost effective software solutions.

In construction we are highly experienced in scheduling with a special emphasis on the MICE disciplines. Effective in both live planning for upcoming and ongoing projects as well as forensic planning for dispute resolution. Over the past thirty years we have collected experience of almost every construction sector and industry type.

In software we have produced many tools over the years to automate laborious processes. If you find yourself, or your staff, spending a long time waiting for files to load or doing repetitive tasks we can help. Our initial consultation comes free of charge, and if we cannot see a way of simplifying what you are doing then we will say so.

The web is becoming a much more widely used medium and the development of simple tools that can be leveraged from any device is something we can offer as well as fully functional bespoke desktop applications that model your business attributes.

We are highly proficient with all of the standard Microsoft Office tools and can offer training for the Excel and Access elements as well as specialist workbook and database development.